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Club Grunt Style

Club Grunt Style Information and FAQ's


How the Club works

  MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE: $1 to start for the first month then $20 will be charged on the 1st of each month after that.


   1.   Choose Plan

   2.   Choose Gender & Size

   3.   Add to cart and check out

   4.  Get Badass Exclusive Shirts sent directly to your door



     1. Free shipping on all domestic orders shipped within the US.

     2. Monthly shirt that is unique and made specifically for the Club Members.

     3. Drawings and contest access when they arise.

     4. Club Grunt Style Members receive special discounts with our Favorite Partners! 



Q. When will my first shirt arrive?

A. The initial order will not ship until the beginning of the next month.  Our club shirts are paid a month in advance, which allows us to ensure that we have every club member covered each month


Q. How do I change my Address, Payment info., or Shirt size?

A. We ask if you could please email or call us at clubgruntstyle@gruntstyle.com or 877-55-GRUNT, to update your information.  Please note DO NOT SEND ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OVER EMAIL OR LIVE CHAT!  We can also email you a link to your account for your billing information updates if you would prefer.

*Note: Our systems do not always communicate with each other when doing any changes on accounts.  Our IT team is working for a solution to resolve these issues


Q. Will I still receive free shipping on my Grunt Style orders?

A. Of course you will, we do ask that you give us time to ensure your profile is established on Grunt Style for free shipping! This may take 2-3 business days. If it’s something you need done immediately, please contact Grunt Style Customer Service @ clubgruntstyle@gruntstyle.com or call us at 877-55-GRUNT.


Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. We would hate to lose you from the Club Grunt Style family, but all you have to do is contact us and we can cancel your account.

*Note: Monthly subscriptions members agreed to a 7 month commitment or will be charged a $25 early cancellation fee.


Q. When does my membership expire?

A. We would hate to lose your from the Club Grunt Style Family, but if you need to cancel please contact us at clubgruntstyle@gruntstyle.com or 877-55-GRUNT.  Your membership does not expire unless you choose to retire your membership.  

*Note: Monthly Subscription members have agreed to a 7 month commitment or there will be a charge of a $25 early cancellation fee.  We also allow the option to skip a month or 2 instead of canceling!


Q. Will I be able to see what the newest shirt looks like before I receive it?

A. As this is an exclusive item available only to Club Members, we do not release images of the shirt before it ships. We can assure you that our highly talented staff of U.S. Combat Veteran graphic designers will create a unique shirt you will not find anywhere else.


Q. Do I get to choose which shirt I get?

A. No you do not.  Club Grunt Style is a surprise shirt delivered to your door every month.


Q. What if I have a shirt that I cannot wear due to vulgarity or just do not wish to wear it?

A. If you ever get a bad ass, exclusive, one of a kind shirt that just doesn’t work with your lifestyle; send it back under the Grunt Style Beer Guarantee® and we will get it exchanged with a shirt of equal or lesser value.



Q. Can I use the Grunt Style Beer Guarantee on my club shirts?

A. YES! Club shirts, like all Grunt Style products, are covered under the Beer Guarantee and are replaced as inventory allows. Be advised, there may be instances when an exact item(s) cannot be reproduced.


Still have questions?
Send us an email at clubgruntstyle@gruntstyle.com 
or call us at: 1-877-55-GRUNT 
and ask to speak with a Club Grunt Style Customer Service Representative.